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Oregon Coast Attractions - So Many Things to Do

Kids On Oregon Coast BeachAnd with so many Oregon Coast attractions, you will never be bored. Unless you want to. And I guess that is ok also. (Unless you've got kids with you....)

Oregon Coast activities - Watch migrating whales and walk endless unspoiled beaches.

Beachcomb for treasures washed in by the tides.

Fly colorful kites in the constant breeze that blows in from the ocean.

Honeyman State ParkSwim in numerous freshwater lakes and zoom around in dune buggies over the endless sea of sand at the Oregon Sand Dunes.

Still looking for things to do? Want more Oregon Coast attractions ideas?

The coast can get some prety awe inspiring storms in the winter. Watching powerful waves crash against the rocky coast is an event in itself.

If it is raining and the weather is stormy, do something fun inside. You and your family can walk through the midst of swimming sharks at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Or explore sea faring museums, and shop the numerous one-of-a-kind gift shops.

Wether you want family friendly fun, exiting adventures, or incredible romantic getaways, the Oregon Coast attractions are many and varied. Here is a summary of the attractions that we have enjoyed.

Summary of Oregon Coast Attractions

Oregon Coast Aquarium

The former home of Keiko the Killer Whale, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is a great way to spend an afternoon or a day. One of our favorite exhibits is the shark tank. We cannot recommend enough a visit to the aquarium. They even have a "hands on" area where the kids can pick up and touch starfish and other sea creatures. Click here to learn more. . .

Stellar Sea Lions at Sea Lion Caves

Sea Lion CavesThe Sea Lion Caves, located just north of Florence and home of the Stellar Sea Lion, are a must see. My family has been there several times, and we never get tired of watching the antics of these large mammals. For a great Oregon Coast attraction, this is a must see. Our kids love it and so will yours. Click here to learn more. . .

Horseback Riding

Unique to Oregon, there are horse stables and trails at the coast. Yes, you can ride horses on the coast, through the surf and over the dunes. Click here to learn more about horseback riding at the Oregon Coast.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes ATV

From Florence to Coos Bay, the vast Oregon Dunes are an incredible playground - 4-wheeling, sandboarding, fishing, hiking, and camping. Be sure to take a tour aboard a famous Blue Buggie, or rent a sandrail or dune buggie. Too much fun!

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Watch grey whales migrate up and down the coast. When are the best times? Where should you go to watch whales? (Hint: Depo Bay) We'll tell you! Click here to learn more . . .

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